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Only Yesterday 3/13

Only Yesterday.
Author: blueicecreamxo  
Pairing(s): Yesung centric!, Yehan(Friendship?)
Genre: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship
Rating: G
Chapter: 3/13
Disclaimer: I don't own.
Summary: A car accident was all it took to wipe away his memories of the man he used to be and the family he had loved, Yesung's getting a new start into the cruel world he had left behind just for only a moment.
List of Chapters Here.

Han Geng
Yesung loved turtles.

It was weird, it was quirky, but it was just absolutely him.

"I want this!"

Hankyung just merely raised an eyebrow at the white mug with a turtle on it's side.

"Are you sure?"

The man just nodded, smiling boyishly making him seem more like 15 instead of 26.
But still, as they walked out of that store with the turtle mug in hand, escaping with blushes on their faces from the cashier who had laughed in their faces urging the other customers and workers to join in... Hankyung felt that all the humiliation could never stand up to the bright smile that lit up Yesung's pretty face.

Every morning Yesung would reach for that damn turtle mug with that same smile on his face and every morning Hankyung was reminded of how much he truly adored his dongsaeng.

Hankyung missed it.

Missed him.

Missed everything.

And it just wasn't fair.
Hankyung refused to believe it though.
Even with Sungmin going completely emo, even with a hysterical Heechul...
Hankyung was just happy pretending that nothing happened... just not believing that Yesung was gone and this new cold, heartless, uncaring Jongwoon had taken his place.

But every today just had to remind him of how much he had changed.
Of how empty it felt without having the man burst unabashed naked through the dorms, or touching philtrums randomly, or just being the plain peppy, happy, funny Yesung that brought smiles to everyone's face at least once a day.
It was a smack in the face when he lay in bed every night, looking up at the ceiling before closing his eyes when he remembered that there was no laughter... not anymore...
There were just tears.

Maybe if he hadn't left... maybe this wouldn't have happened... maybe he should've been the one in that car...
But walking through the dorms in the morning, seeing the same dead look in everyone's eyes, seeing Kibum's blank stare or Kangin's small frown, permanently etched on his face... he had started to wonder if the other's had felt the same way he did... felt the same doubts... had the same questions plague them at night....

What if...?

...Yesung was never in that car...

What if...?

...he never lost his memory...

What if...?

...he was still here with them...

It sounded like he was talking about a dead person...
But a voice maliciously whispers that he might as well be and it's another slap to the face when Hankyung realized that he had been standing in front of his dongsaeng's dorm room door for the past fifteen minutes.

He takes a deep breath and orders his mind to stop, to start thinking happy because that's what he was... an optimist...
He had to stay one because in this family... as it slowly broke apart... there had to be at least one person who could keep trying to smile....

He turns to walk away but that moment the door opens and out steps the man who's been on everyone's mind as of late, crashing himself into Hankyung's back, knocking them both into surprise.
Twisting his head, he blinks as he watches the younger man rub his head, eyes squinted shut cutely. Then his eyes opened to look up at the Chinese man and Hankyung was thrown into oblivion when he recognized the innocence that lay in those beautiful chocolate orbs.

Yesung's eyes... not Jongwoon's... they were Yesung's.

Then they harden and Jongwoon is back, small hands shoving at him, pushing him away with a small glare.

"Crazy, stop standing in the middle of the freaking hall. You're getting in people's way."

He frowns after his snide remark, picking up the fairly large bag that he had apparently dropped earlier.
Hankyung stepped away, confused for a moment before he saw a flash of bright green.

"What's in that bag?"

The question was out before he had a chance to actually think about what he was going to say.

Yesun-- Jongwoon turned around and glared.

"Nosy much?"

Words said in a cruel voice, not sarcastic, not a funny trail in there at all... just cold ice.

"You know what, you can have it. Throw the crap away, do whatever."

He threw the bag into the air and Hankyung caught it with open arms, peering into it to blink sadly down at his correct assumptions.
Inside the bag was all of the turtle things that Yesung had painstakingly collected over the years... and at the top was the damned turtle mug they had bought together.

Then Hankyung felt his heart shatter, just that one little thing... clenching tightly at his heart, ripping it apart, tearing up every single light of hope he had ever seen.
It was gone.
All of it.
And the whole time all he could do was watch as the younger man walked away, slamming the door to his dorm room behind him leaving Hankyung alone with the bag... with the mug... with the broken pieces of his heart... with every torn up happy memory he had clung onto for dear life...
It was scattered... it was gone... and all Hankyung could do was lower himself to the ground, take out that stupid mug, and clutch it to him before letting his tears win the war as he sat there until his body numbed his aching heart...

It wasn't fair.

A/N: this was a little happy? i guess? ahaha i don't know... =__= i'm still making this up as i go along and this is probably crap because usually happy doesn't mix to well with sadness but yeah... this is hannie's part :( i'm sorry if it wasn't good enough...
i might edit this real soon and once again you guys, thanks for all the wonderful comments <3
seriously ahaha
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Tags: ♂ character: hankyung, ♂ character: yesung, ♥ pairing: yesung/hankyung, ♦ fandom: super junior, ♪ series: only yesterday
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