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Only Yesterday 2/13

Only Yesterday.
Author: blueicecreamxo
Pairing(s): Yesung centric!, Yechul(Friendship?)
Genre: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship
Rating: G
Chapter: 2/13
Disclaimer: I don't own.
Summary: A car accident was all it took to wipe away his memories of the man he used to be and the family he had loved, Yesung's getting a new start into the cruel world he had left behind just for only a moment.
List of Chapters Here.

Kim Heechul.

"How does it taste?"

Heechul bit his lip nervously watching as Yesung, sleepy, grumpy, and tired, smacked his lips together after consuming the said food item that he was trying to make for Hankyung.

"It tastes like sleep."

The spoon was shoved into his mouth, the said cook turning around with a small huff of irritation at his younger dongsaeng.

Could he really blame him though?
It was 3 in the morning, everything must've tasted like sleep.

Taking out another spoon to stir the said food item after a few seconds of silence Heechul had assumed that Yesung had crawled back into bed but a hug from behind and a finger to his philtrum brought an unexpected smile to his face as he pulled away.

"It tastes great... Hannie hyung is lucky."

He turned to meet Yesung's small smile, eyes droopy, maybe half asleep, zombie appearance, but still his sleepy appearance and the fact that he was still here talking to him when he should've been sleeping struck a chord.

"...so......... can I go back to sleep now..?"

After a few seconds of chuckling, the older just nodded, patting the other's head affectionately.

"Yeah, thanks for staying up."

The younger smiled a small smile that lit up his sleepy chocolate brown eyes.

"I'll be here if you need me hyung."
You promised and I need you now... where are you...?
A small memory that only brought back a fresh batch of bitter emotions when Heechul remembered that he was the only one who was keeping that moment close now.
He was the only proof of that yesterday in the painful today where he was forced to watch his dongsaeng struggle slightly with the crutches the held him up, hobbling out of the van that had finally taken him home after a week of recovering.

"Hyung let me help--"

"Don't touch me."

His cold voice, his cold eyes, his whole cold demeanor... it wasn't the Yesung that everyone had grown to love... not the Yesung that they had all secretly cherished...

No... this was Jongwoon.

A man who might as well be a stranger to them, a man who had forgotten every secret and every smile, a man who had to have his mother come down to tell him personally that, yes, he was in Super Junior, that, yes, he was a singer, and, yes, the people that surrounded him... the 14 men... they were all his family.

What hurt more?
The fact that he still didn't believe them or the fact that Yesung was still gone.

Heechul turned with a sigh, watching as he walked away from Donghae who looked like he was ready to cry, Eunhyuk by his side while Leeteuk watched nearby, face unreadable.

How did that work out by the way?
How did it feel to loose the person you relied on the most?

Heechul didn't want to know but by the way that Leeteuk now avoided him like the plague, the way that his expressive golden brown eyes danced with fresh pain each and every time he had seen the younger, and the way the elder looked like he was about to cry himself was all an indication that it hurt like a bitch.
"Are you sure you forgot everything?"

He stood in the doorway of Yesung's and Ryeowook's shared room, watching as the younger man tried to unpack whatever he had gotten at the hospital.
A bunch of clothes splayed on the bed while their owner tried his best to look for the dresser drawer on his side of the room.

"...I remembered everything important."

He continued to wander his side of the room, hobbling around with his face set in that cold mask, uncaring to anything else but what was swimming in his mind.

"That's not what I was talking about."

His chocolate brown eyes were turned onto him now, dark without that humorous tint or that bright glint lighting it up.
Just unexpressive, uncaring, cold, hard to read.

"Like I said..." He continued slowly, his words drawled out as if he thought Heechul didn't understand the perfect korean that left his lips, "I remembered everything important."
It wasn't right to hear such cold words leave his lips... to have to stare at his face... to have to hear his voice...
...Yesung's image was getting tainted by the moment and with every moment that passed Heechul just wished harder and harder for all those blissful yesterdays to come back...
This Kim Jongwoon... the man who now possessed Yesung's face and his voice and his... everything...
Didn't, wasn't, couldn't, and would never ever be Yesung.

He turned and left without another word.

It wasn't until he got into his room later that day, until he pulled his laptop to him while sliding to the floor, until he pulled up a video of them together happily laughing like a bunch of idiots on crack about something stupid.
It wasn't until his vision started getting blurry from the tears that Heechul realized how much pain his heart was in, constricting and burning hot like the salty drops that rolled mercilessly down his cheeks.

Sobs that racked his body turned into chuckles before blowing up into full blown laughter, one that was accompanied by the relentless tears.
He laughed even when a fresh batch of waterworks sprung up, even when his heart was breaking, until the pain from his heart numbed his whole body.

He laughed until it hurt to breathe.

A/N: so yeah  there's heechul's part ^__^
another angst..... :/ i hope you guys are enjoying this fic though... as much as i'm enjoying writing it ahaha
i'm a sadist :P i'm not even going to try denying it anymore ahaha but heyy, if i wasn't a sadist i wouldn't be writing :)
thank you guys for all the lovely comments in the previous chapters...
so i'm going to ask again ^__^
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Tags: ♂ character: heechul, ♂ character: yesung, ♥ pairing: yesung/heechul, ♦ fandom: super junior, ♪ series: only yesterday
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